Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Classic Video Games

Classic Games to Paid Video Games Journey 

Video games are the great source of the entertainment and today these games are highly developed. Today with the highly advanced video game consoling units you can step in a real virtual experience of playing your favorite games. There are unlimited video games available and some are all time favorites such as Super Mario, grand theft auto, perfect dark, Halo, NFS and so on. Many of the video games are immensely popular and people of all age groups like to play them. Video games are also considered as the best mediums to spend the time with your loved ones. Conventional video game designs were unattractive and sluggish. These games were having more scientific value. Over the years the designs of the video games are completely revolutionized.

Classic video games

These games were produced in the era when animation and graphics were of very poor quality. Classic games belong to the century when there was 8bit and 16bit technology used to rock the world. These games were introduced in the year 1980s.People of this time might know these names Nintendo, Sega genesis, Amstrad CPC, commodore 64. These games required lots of work, but still were popular according to that time. Today you can acquire classic games from several websites and you can also download them for free.

Get paid to play games

 Today the scenario is totally changed and you get a high quality real gaming experience with HD games, amazing sound and features. Designs are improved and there are mind blowing ideas incorporated in the videogames. Today you can also earn money playing video games online. This is going to add extra element of fun.  Numerous companies of software developers, hardware companies and game promoters require hardcore gamers because they are having excellent skills. These gamers are known as pro gamers in this field. Companies hire gamers on the contracts basis during the tournaments where pro gamers can earn serious amount of money by showing their gaming skills.

Pro gamers can be contracted for games such as counter strike, FIFA, start craft, quake and many others. There are mega gaming events which are organized by the huge MNCS such as coca cola, Intel and others and they also involve prizes up to $400,000.Video testing is the other way to earn money with your gaming skills. Before games are released in the market the designers and developers of the games needs feedback and reviews.  If you really have skills, then why not to become a game tester.